That’s simple, our resin bound systems have the long-term strength and durability of concrete with minimal maintenance. Crucially, it also has remarkable drainage ability whilst having the appearance of loose gravel. Therefore, water drains through the layers of resin to create a puddle free surface that alleviates flood risks. Resin Bound Surfacing binds a range of selective decorative kiln-dried aggregates with a two-part polyurethane resin, providing an attractive porous surface that looks amazing.

That’s why our South Wales resin bound projects are the No 1 choice.

resin driveway

BENEFITS OF Premier Resin Drive Technology

Strength & Long Lasting
Durability of concrete with the look of loose gravel
Low Maintenance
Easy to clean and maintain
Add Value to your property
Your house will stand out from the rest and increase in value
Slip Resistant Surface
Whether you have a steep drive or a disability ramp our drives are slip resistant
40+ colours available
Customising has never been easier with our wide range of aggregate
Eco Friendly Drive
10x More Eco Friendly than concrete

that rivals loose gravel
High Quality Guaranteed
Our customer service is second to none
Local teams
We install drives all over South Wales
BBA Approved products
All of our products used are quality tested and Approved
SUDs Compliant
Suitable Drainage System Guaranteed
Resin rivals that of tarmac to fit any type of drive, patio or path

40plus colours
slip resistant
made in britain
SuDs Compliant
eco friendly
bba approved products

Porous Systems

Our resin driveways are totally porous which allows water to percolate through the resin bound surface, through three more layers that have been configured to be SUDs compliant.

Porous diagram

Resin Bound Course
Your chosen aggregate is thoroughly mixed in a forced action mixer, and then poured over an open porous tarmac. It is then hand trowelled by our specialist installation team to create an even level finish.

Open Porous Tarmac
Tarmac is mixed and poured to a depth of 60mm to create a load bearing surface drive that can hold up to 7.5 tonnes, this is then compacted to ensure full compaction.

Sub Base
We use Ministry of Transport approved aggregate that is compacted up to 150mm depending on the required depth of the site and ground.

Substrate Natural Base
Often clay, sand, shale or rock.

40+ COLOURS Available

Polaris resin bound gravel
Capuccino resin bound gravel


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