Why install resin?

Resin is good for the environment. At Premier Resin Drives, we only use pine resin which is 100% natural (secreted from pine trees).
Currently, only 5% of current patios, paths and driveways nationwide are permeable/porous (meaning water is able to channel its way through and drain away). The remaining 95% are at risk of flooding and uneven surfaces.
Our resin is incredibly permeable meaning it’s drainage abilities far exceeds other outdoor surfaces whilst still having the appearance of loose gravel. It is low maintenance and puddle free. Even drain covers blend in.
Our resin systems have the strength and durability of much harder surfaces like concrete whilst still appearing smooth.
Our resin bound systems comprise of various colours of kiln dried stone (aggregate) and 2 parts, U/V resin (protection against ultraviolet light) which provides an attractive surface and one that will change the look of your entire property.
Whether it’s a new build, renovation or a listed property, our natural resin bound surface gives a clean and charming look and has the potential to add value to your home or business. The endless designs possible also means there is a creative mix of colours and patterns perfect for your dream project.