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What’s involved in installing a resin bound drive?

Installing resin-bound drives involves creating a durable and visually appealing surface by mixing resin with natural or decorative aggregates and applying the mixture to a prepared base. Understandably, this type of driveway has gained popularity due to its attractive appearance, low maintenance and long-lasting properties. Crucially, doing it right, means there are a few more steps involved in installing a resin bound drive.

Site Preparation for resin bound drive

Firstly, site preparation, ensuring the area is clear of any debris, vegetation or loose materials. Paramount, is to address any drainage issues to prevent water pooling on the surface. Therefore, depending on the existing surface, we may need to create a suitable sub-base. This may include excavating existing material and adding a layer of compacted aggregate or similar before an open porous tarmac can be laid. Consequently, our resin driveways are totally porous which allows water to percolate through the resin bound surface. Then, through three more layers that have been configured to be SUDs compliant. Secondly, we install edge restraints, typically made of concrete, to define the shape of the driveway and prevent the resin-bound mixture from spreading.

Applying Mixing Resin and Aggregates

Mix the chosen resin, using a two-part polyurethane resin with your chosen coloured aggregates in a forced-action mixer. Remember, as standard, all our resin bound surfaces are UV stable resins. Next, the mixed resin and aggregate is spread; professionally blended evenly over the prepared sub-base using specialised trowels or screeding equipment.

Curing and cleaning

Allow the resin-bound surface to cure. This typically takes 7 hours to a day, depending on the environmental conditions and the specific resin used. Crucially, allow 72 hours before driving your vehicle on the resin surface. Final Inspection, ensures the surface is even, free from defects and meets the desired aesthetic and functional standards

Final Thoughts

Professional installation for resin-bound driveways ensures you are getting the right specialised equipment, experience and attention to detail. Especially, when it comes to drainage, UV stable resins and to ensure a quality and long-lasting finish. You’ll need a full design service included and end to end project management. Therefore, at every step of your customer journey it will be personally project managed; including the purchase and delivery of materials, waste removal, site surveying, risk assessments and quality assurance checks. Check you’ve got a no-faults guarantee too.

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