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Yes, we offer all of our customers a full 3 year guarantee. With our full managed service and dedicated Project Managers being your sole point of contact throughout the installation, we are confident that you will not experience any problems and that you are 100% satisfied. As such, we are happy to provide this guarantee for optimal peace of mind.

Yes, if the existing ground is grass for example then we simply dig it out, lay type 1 MOT permeable tarmac and then apply the resin bound surface. If the existing ground is concrete, we drill various outlets into it and cut channels for water to drain through and away, then fit the resin bound surface over the top.

We simply insert new gully tops to sit higher so they are level with the resin.

With existing manhole covers, we simply renew and replace these with recessed covers and fill them in with your chosen resin colours.

They stay. We remove the covers, gauze over the existing outlets and fill with 5-10mm of stone and resin which still ensures super permeability. This means there is no more need to clear out drains full of leaves and debris and that all the existing drainage capability is still fully functional whilst being totally unseen.

Depending on the existing surface and structure of your project, we will either lay resin directly on top of it (after intensive preparation work) or we will need to dig out the existing surface and replace with hardcore material (Type 1 MOT) then lay permeable tarmac before finally, laying the resin bound surface. Note, full dig out is required on grass and sometimes existing concrete or tarmac to ensure the current base will be fully stable before laying the resin bound surface.

At Premier Resin Drives, we offer a range of services including artificial grass, block paving, wall installations, tarmac and slabs. All of which can either compliment your dream resin project or look incredible as a standalone project.

Resin is good for the environment. At Premier Resin Drives, we only use pine resin which is 100% natural (secreted from pine trees).
Currently, only 5% of current patios, paths and driveways nationwide are permeable/porous (meaning water is able to channel its way through and drain away). The remaining 95% are at risk of flooding and uneven surfaces.
Our resin is incredibly permeable meaning it’s drainage abilities far exceeds other outdoor surfaces whilst still having the appearance of loose gravel. It is low maintenance and puddle free. Even drain covers blend in.
Our resin systems have the strength and durability of much harder surfaces like concrete whilst still appearing smooth.
Our resin bound systems comprise of various colours of kiln dried stone (aggregate) and 2 parts, U/V resin (protection against ultraviolet light) which provides an attractive surface and one that will change the look of your entire property.
Whether it’s a new build, renovation or a listed property, our natural resin bound surface gives a clean and charming look and has the potential to add value to your home or business. The endless designs possible also means there is a creative mix of colours and patterns perfect for your dream project.

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