Resin bound driveways offer a vast array of colours and textures to complement your home’s style and create a unique driveway. There are over 40 gravel colours available for customising your resin drivewaypatio or path. For example, you could opt for a sleek and sophisticated look with a single colour resin, like charcoal grey, cream or a warm terracotta. Alternatively, with natural tones, embrace earthy vibes with natural stone aggregates in beige, brown or a mix of these for a timeless look. Additionally, you could choose to make a statement with bold and vibrant colours, like red, blue or green. Otherwise, you can also use a combination of contrasting colours for a more eye-catching design. Personalising your outside space has never been easier with our wide range of over 40 gravel colours.

Pointers when choosing gravel colours

  • Style of your home: Choose colours that complement the overall aesthetic of your house. For example, modern homes might suit minimalist monochromatic tones, while traditional styles could benefit from natural or rustic colours.
  • Surrounding landscape: Consider the colours of your house exterior, roof and landscaping elements. Therefore, opt for colours that create a cohesive look with your surroundings.
  • Amount of sunlight: Lighter colours tend to reflect sunlight and create a more spacious feel, while darker colours can add drama and definition.
  • Personal preference: Ultimately, the choice boils down to your personal taste and what best suits your vision for your driveway.

Visit our Gallery, Facebook or Instagram to see examples. Alternatively, our helpful blog answers many of the questions about the technology, comparisons and benefits.


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